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After you have prepared T4s for those agents and staff that require them, you may want to print them.

Note: If you have more than 50 T4s to submit, CRA requires that you submit them electronically.


  1. Navigate to Staff Payroll > Payroll Utilities Menu, and select 9.5.3 - Prepare T4s.
    prepare t 4s page
  2. Select which employees' T4s to include by checking the Incl. checkboxes.
  3. Click Print T4 Slips.
  4. Click Screen to display the results, click Printer to print the results, or click Export to save the data to a file. If you want to review the results first, and then print them or export them, click Screen. From there, you can print or export the results. When you are finished with the report, click Exit.

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Print T4s [CAN] (Back Office)

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